Bodywork fresh up #7

Some grinding and hammering… finished of with some primer from the shelf… three different types… but, dosent matter that much… will media blast body before paint…. but good to cover bare metal and welds before moving…


4 thoughts on “Bodywork fresh up #7

    • Hi Ken,

      Good point, yes this place is great. Unfortunately died Aksel, my fantastic landlord this spring 78 years old. House with workshop will be put om sale soon.

  1. That is unfortunate. I am looking for a place as well, the landlord rented out the entire shop to a large company leaving me stuck with no place to work

    • Sorry to hear that you lost your place. I really hope everything sort out soon. I´ve been lucky to share place with another Saab enthusiast that loves modifications. I´ll move in after the summer.

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